What Are The Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

Everybody knows (or maybe you just found out) that spray foam insulation is awesome, it’s nearly one of the greatest things invented since sliced bread. Spray foam has revolutionized insulation technology. Polyurethane spray foam lasts longer, insulates better, and simply outperforms every type of insulation material out there, and it incidentally brings along with it a whole host of benefits that other insulation materials couldn’t even begin to measure up to.

Now it’s true that spray foam may cost a bit more than other types of insulation, but often in life, you get what you pay for. We wholeheartedly believe that what you get with spray foam is totally worth the higher installation bill. Before you flinch at the price tag, you need to be aware of all the myriad benefits that installing polyurethane spray foam in your home or office can bring to the table.

So you may be asking – what exactly are the benefits of spray foam insulation? Never fear!  PUF Insulation, who has been your favored insulation contractor in Spokane for over 50 years, is here to give you the skinny.

Spray Foam Insulation Has Superior Insulating Power

Spray foam insulation is the best performing insulation material you can buy, hands down. That’s because it has the highest R-value per inch when compared to any other insulation product. R-value is just the metric used to determine how effective an insulation material is at doing its job. In the case of closed cell spray foam, it can provide an r-value of up to 7 per inch. That’s much higher than other insulation types like fiberglass or cellulose.

It gets even better: those other insulation materials can lose their insulating power, or R-value, over time. As cellulose settles and fiberglass batts become matted and aged, they stop insulating nearly as effectively. Spray foam on the other hand will keep its integrity, so in 50 years it will still be insulating just as well as it had when you first put it in!

Spray Foam Insulation Improves Air Quality Indoors

Believe it or not, having spray foam insulation installed in your home can actually improve the quality of the air that you and your family breathes. Common culprits contributing to unclean indoor air like mold, mildew, dust, and pollen are stopped in their tracks when they encounter the impenetrable barrier formed by polyurethane spray foam. Contrary to what you might think, the majority of these allergens and pollutants don’t come in through doors and windows that might have been left open, they come in through tiny gaps in the walls.

Unlike other commonly used insulation types, spray foam insulation is the only one that actually forms a solid barrier, preventing any drafts that may carry in particles that may contribute to seasonal allergies or respiratory illness. 

Spray Foam Insulation Is Impervious To Moisture

Moisture in the wrong place can be extremely damaging to your home, inviting mold and mildew. Spray foam insulation is completely waterproof, and deters moisture protecting your home from mold, mildew and water damages. 

Spray Foam Insulation Is Environmentally Friendly

These days, everybody wants to be surrounded by more green! And no, we aren’t talking about cash money, we are talking about an environmentally friendly mindset. Luckily, spray foam insulation is as green as they come.

This revolutionary insulating material can help you live up to your eco-friendly aspirations in 3 ways. For one, your home will be more energy efficient leading to decreased energy consumption and thus a small carbon footprint. Secondly, you can feel good about using spray foam because it is durable. Using a long lasting insulation material will result in overall fewer consumable materials being used, and thus fewer products landing in the landfill. And finally, spray foam can be made from recycled materials, so you can pat yourself on the back for that!

Spray Foam Insulation Reduces Sound Pollution

Did you know that noise pollution is a thing? And did you know that if you live in a busy urban area, like near the airport or the freeway, noise pollution can actually have an adverse affect on your health?

The rigid structure of spray foam insulation can effectively absorb sound waves from the outside environment and stop them from disturbing your peace and quiet. This inadvertent benefit of spray foam insulation can actually save you from increased blood pressure and reduce the effects of tinnitus! Let’s see fiberglass or cellulose do that!

Spray Foam Insulation Can Make Your Building Stronger

Don’t let the “foam” in the name fool you! Spray foam insulation is an incredibly dense plastic material. Usually made up of just 2 ingredients – polyol resin and isocyanate – that when mixed and allowed to set form a very dense and rigid building material with excellent adhesive qualities.

When spray foam is allowed to harden on a building’s surface it lends its extra strength to the structure. Think of it like adding armor or an internal skeleton to your home building to act as extra protection or support!

Spray Foam Insulation Has A Long Lifespan

Spray foam insulation has the ability to last a long time. When it sets and hardens in place, it can keep its shape for an indefinite amount of time, and will continue to perform just as it did from the very beginning. The hardened foam will not shift or begin to sag over the years. This means that homeowners can enjoy the energy saving that spray foam insulation can offer for many years after the initial investment. 

Spray Foam Insulation Will Save You Money

If you aren’t using spray foam insulation in your home, there is a good chance you may be throwing money right out the window. That’s because the insulating power of spray foam is so effective, if you don’t have it you are probably overpaying on your monthly utility bill. 

The initial installation of spray foam insulation may seem like a steep upfront cost, but it will definitely save you money over its lifetime. It’s estimated that 10-20% of homeowners annual energy expenditures go to waste due to drafts, air leaks in the home, and outdated cooling and heating equipment. If you can prevent this waste through the application of spray foam insulation, you could potentially the equivalent of an entire year’s worth of utility bills after just five years!

Spray Foam Insulation Contractors In Spokane, Washington

By now, hopefully you’ve come around the realization that spray foam insulation is the right choice for your home or business. If that’s the case call PUF Insulation! We have been serving Spokane and Spokane Valley for over 50 years, and take pride in helping our customers save on their energy bills, as well as enjoy all the other benefits of spray foam outlined in this post. 

We are proud to serve the Inland Northwest. We will be excited to come and evaluate you situation in order to provide excellent service at an excellent price.